Company Profile


PT. Bukit Mas Bearindo is an industrial supply company connecting industries with parts manufacturers or principals globally. We aim to be a platform to facilitate both parties with a win-win solution in mind – industries can be more efficient through a seamless procurement system with expansive selection of principals, while principals can expand their market presence without costly investment. We support Indonesia’s industry through reliable quality industrial parts at economical pricing at the shortest lead time possible through our extensive transportation network, market knowledge and advanced demand analytics. We also aim to educate the market with the latest technological innovation such as robotics and Internet of Things (IoT) so industries can keep up-to- date and stay ahead of their competitions.

What We Do


Strategic Sourcing for products with high equity brands


Wide market network, covering the largest archipelago in the world with high penetration in most major cities


Quality engineering services to maximize machine durability, efficiency, translating to lower operating cost and maximum client satisfaction.