Project-Based Contract


At the beginning, the general conditions of your usage will be decided. With an on-site process analysis, a profile of your needs will be created





We advise you on the most suitable alternative based on your technical parameters, cost and lead time. A trial run may be proposed if necessary.




ProjectManagementProject Management

In this phase, we plan all the necessary measures for the project to be successful. This includes logistical processes,supply chain strategy, approval for use and the preparation of the inventory





With regular inspection, supervision and documentation, we monitor the progress of using our products. A final report is then compiled to make a joint assessment of the result.





After the successful run of our products, we continue to keep in contact with you. To make sure your processes run well, we are always on standby to give our best support. We can also assist in other maintenance services by request.

Project Upload

Upload Your Project Parts Requirement (1 years usage)

*Excel or PDF

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